Associate Directors

Prof. Rachel S. Goldman
CSTEC Associate Director

Materials Science and Engineering,
Electrical Engineeering and Computer Science,

Prof. Ctirad Uher
CSTEC Associate Director

C. Wilbur Peters
Collegiate Professor of Physics

Prof. Rachel S. Goldman

Dr. Rachel Goldman is a professor of MSE who holds joint appointments in Physics and in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science. Goldman started her academic career at UM in 1997 as the Dow Corning Assistant Professor. She has served as Graduate Chair for MSE since 2008.

Prof. Goldman received the Peter Mark Memorial Award from the American Vacuum Society in 2002 and the Augustus Anson Whitney Fellowship from the Radcliffe Institute in 2005. Goldman has authored or co-authored more than 75 publications, and she has delivered more than 130 invited talks. Goldman has received an NSF CAREER Award, the AVS Peter Mark Memorial Award, and the UM Ted Kennedy Family Team Award. Goldman was recently elected member of Sigma Xi, the International Honors Society of Science and Engineering. She has organized 2 MRS Symposia and 3 APS Focus Sessions, and has served on the MRS Publications Committee, as MRS Bulletin Volume Organizer, and as Chair of the EMPD Division of AVS. She recently completed 3 (6) year terms on the AVS Board of Directors (TMS/IEEE Electronic Materials Committee). Goldman is currently Associate Editor of Journal of Electronic Materials, and is serving 3-year terms as AVS Trustee and APS-FIAP Member-at-Large.

Goldman’s research interests are in the atomic-scale design of electronic materials, with a focus on the mechanisms of strain relaxation, alloy formation, and diffusion; and correlations between microstructure and electronic, magnetic, and optical properties of semiconductor films, nanostructures, and heterostructures.

University of California, San Diego, Materials Science Ph.D., 1995
Cornell University, Applied Physics MS, 1992
University of Michigan, Physics (Highest Honors) BS, 1988

Prof. Ctirad Uher

Prof Ctirad Uher has directed research at the University of Michigan for 30 years. During that time period, he served as the Associate Dean for Research, Facilities, and Computing in the College of LS&A from 1992-1994 and as the Chair of the Physics Department from 1994-2004.

Supervising a research group that is considered a leader in the field of novel thermoelectric materials, Dr. Uher has given numerous invited talks on the subject of thermal conductivity and thermoelectric power. He has published over 260 papers in leading scientific journals, has supervised Ph.D. theses of twelve graduate students and mentored eight post doctoral researchers. He is an Alexander von Humboldt Fellow and a Fellow of the American Physical Society. He has served on the Board of the International Thermoelectric Society since 2000 and was elected its President in 2006.

Dr. Uher’s research interests center on experimental studies of transport properties and superconductivity in metals, semimetals, layered materials including MBE-grown artificial metallic superlattices, and high Tc superconductors. Most recently, he has been involved with investigating the thermal transport in material systems displaying Colossal Magnetoresistance Effect (CMR) and in the search for new prospective thermoelectric materials. The information gained from this research has not only an obvious practical value but also provides an important theoretical insight into such fundamental parameters as the scattering mechanism, the strength of electron-phonon and electron-electron coupling, the degree of disorder and the effect of dimensionality on the transport parameters.

University of New South Wales, Australia D.Sc., 1989
University of New South Wales, Australia Ph.D., 1975
University of New South Wales, Australia B.Sc. (Honors), 1972